Garn St. Germain Act? Guidance for Homeowners and Heirs

The Garn St. Germain Act is a vital piece of federal legislation that revolutionized the way we handle mortgage transfers after a homeowner's death. So, let's see how the Act's impact may benefit you and your loved ones. Whether you're inheriting a home or involved in estate planning, understanding this law can equip you with the knowledge to save thousands or much more in the long run! Let's see how the Garn St. Germain Act works and its significant role in real estate and probate law.

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How to Survive Court-Ordered Guardianship Paperwork

Court-ordered guardianship can feel like a daunting task for a new guardian. Suddenly you are responsible for another person's care and well-being. As a financial guardian, you must navigate through piles of paperwork, including regular court-ordered inventories. In this blog post, we will walk you through what you need to do to prepare for your role as a financial guardian in North Carolina.

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Modifying a Guardianship in NC

If you're like most people, you have many questions about guardianship in NC. How do you become a guardian? Can you stop being the guardian? How does our state handle guardianship issues such as modification of the guardian? Let's explore guardianship in NC and the possible issues you may face as a caregiver or family member of a Ward.

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Caregiver Burnout and the Role of a Guardian

Check Out Our Webinar on Caregiver Burnout and the Role of Guardian. Holly Hight and Adam Hopler discuss some of the strategies and issues that you face as a caregiver from a practical standpoint and from the legal perspective in this informative webinar. Check it out for more information on this timely topic.

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