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At our Durham-based law firm, we focus our efforts on providing empathetic and professional guardianship services. Because you may feel overwhelming stress facing legal processes, we offer solutions tailored to your unique family situation. For our clients, we help them understand complex legal procedures to make them easier to understand and navigate.

Our experience and skill covers a range of scenarios, from managing a minor’s inheritance to aiding you in obtaining legal authority over adults with limited capacity and intellectual or developmental disabilities.

We understand the need to make critical decisions about ongoing care and asset management, so we remain readily available for any questions or concerns.

inheritance of a minor

Guardianship for a minor's Inheritance

We make it easier to obtain authority over a minor’s inheritance.

  • Life insurance and annuities
  • Inherited or beneficiary assets
  • Inheritance of NC real estate

Because the legal process of gaining control over a child’s assets is complex, we simplify things for you by proving your legal authority to manage the minor’s assets. Our skilled work with guardianship courts ensures you obtain effective and efficient access for a minor’s benefit.

Court processes are often confusing, so we also help manage future guardianship compliance, such as ongoing court reporting audits. Reach out to us if you need comprehensive support for your situation.

adult guardianship

Adult Guardianship

We understand the overwhelming stress you may feel when applying for a guardianship.

With many years of experience helping others through the judicial process, we walk you through each step of guardianship proceedings. As a guardian, we help with every duty you face in the coming years as an adult’s guardian.

We believe in creating a supportive environment as you become an adult’s guardian. For each complex legal and administrative responsibility, our team makes it all easier to understand and navigate.

With our help, you will find that the guardianship process is not as time-consuming and emotionally draining as you feared. Get in touch with us today for dedicated assistance with incompetency hearings and guardianship appointments.

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Disability Guardianship

Learn how to obtain guardianship for a loved one with disabilities or special needs, balancing protection and respect for their individuality.

When a minor with an intellectual or developmental disability becomes an adult, you may need to initiate a court proceeding. Talking with us when they reach 17.5 years of age allows us to help you prevent care management gaps.

Adults of any age with a disability who cannot manage their affairs may have trouble authorizing others to act on their behalf. If you’re an authorized person hitting roadblocks managing affairs for a person with disabilities, we can assist.

If you need to manage the care or finances of an adult with disabilities, we can guide you through each step, ensuring a legal process filled with dignity and understanding.

Our responsiveness sets us apart. We aim to exceed expectations in every interaction, addressing your concerns quickly and with the highest level of care and competence. Our goal is to make such an impact on your experience that you’ll want to recommend us to others facing challenging times, knowing they can rely on us as a trusted community resource.

Feeling Confused about Starting an Incompetency Proceeding for a Loved One?

We know that dealing with a loved one’s inability to handle daily decisions is daunting and stressful. Our team is ready to guide you through the legal process with sensitivity, clarity, and professionalism.

Talk with one of our experienced guardianship attorneys about obtaining a court order of incompetency for your loved one. This order can help a court appoint someone to manage your loved one’s affairs. Management abilities may include medical decisions and financial matters.

If you’re unsure what you need, learn more about this topic on our website or talk with one of our attorneys for help understanding confusing judicial processes.

Looking to Become a Guardian of An Adult?

If you’re grappling with the complex world of becoming a guardian for someone who can no longer care for themselves, we’re here to help. 

We provide confident and exceptional legal counsel and representation to give you the confidence to care for another person and their finances responsibly. Our approach is caring, honest, and tailored to your specific struggles.

No matter the type of guardianship case you’re facing, we’re here to help you handle intimidating court proceedings.

Managing a Minor’s Finances?

Managing finances and paperwork for a minor who has inherited property from another person can be challenging. Whether a child inherits life insurance benefits, retirement benefits, or real estate, we provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring you can confidently navigate court processes and financial institutions. 

Often, a local probate court will require you to manage complex accountings on behalf of a minor. As experienced estate administration and probate attorneys, we help you easily secure the minor’s property and effectively manage a child’s financial future. 

We see the stressful predicaments you face when handling court procedures, and we are here to help.

Need Support as a Guardian for an Adult with Special Needs?

Our compassionate legal support extends to those acting as guardians for individuals with special needs. When establishing a special needs trust, we provide support managing finances and paperwork challenges.

Individuals who may need a special needs trust include those who:

  • Are under 65 years of age; and
  • Need to prevent assets from counting against them to establish eligibility for means-tested government benefits, such as SSI or Medicaid.

We understand the court processes involved in being a guardian can be emotionally draining and time-consuming. That’s why we are here for you to answer your questions and find answers for you.

Are You an Adult with Special Needs?

Court proceedings can be intimidating for anyone. As someone with special needs, you may find the judicial requirements even more stressful and confusing. That’s why we advocate for your rights before judicial officials to ensure your  needs are attended to. For example, we assist individuals with getting court approval to establish and fund special needs trusts. 

Get in touch with us today to find out just how much we can help make the entire process easier for you while protecting and advocating for your individual rights.

Facing Complex Court Administrative Duties?

Court proceedings can be intimidating for anyone outside the legal system. However, it’s crucial for you to  pay attention to each notice and order you receive from a probate court.

As a law firm experienced in navigating the probate and guardianship court system in North Carolina, we aim to be a resource for you in the representation of your loved one’s guardianship estate in court. We offer respectful and reassuring confidence in legal matters and provide exceptional and responsive services.

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We Can Help


Whether you’re just starting the guardianship process or trying to remain compliant with ongoing court requirements, we can effectively represent you and provide the assistance you need.

We provide legal advice you can count on with services based on the scope of your legal issues. Whether you need to contest the care of a loved one or need help with ongoing personal and financial management, we are here for you. 

If you need court representation, help with an appeal, or guidance with administrative agencies’ ongoing accounting and filing requirements, we can help. Our guidance includes legal services where YOU decide how much involvement you need from us.

We navigate the legal system, allowing you to focus on the well-being and dignity of your loved ones. You can have peace of mind, knowing that competent professionals are handling interactions with the court system on your behalf.

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 Guardianship cases are more than just legal challenges; they deeply affect your family’s well-being.

Our attorneys understand the emotional and legal struggles you face in these cases. We assist in various courts to help you navigate the complexities of adult guardianship law. We bring years of experience advocating for guardianship clients throughout North Carolina.

Consider allowing us to help you navigate the complex legal field of guardianship. We guide you through guardianship legal situations with sensitivity and responsiveness and are committed to ensuring your voice is heard, and your family is treated with dignity.

Get in touch today and find that we genuinely care about your legal struggles and want to help. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with the legal issues you face.

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