I wanted to share with you guys today a real-life example about how legal insurance actually helps someone get out of a difficult situation.

Not too long ago, there was a lady who was administering the estate, helping probate the estate of her deceased brother, and she got done with the entire process, didn’t use an attorney throughout the whole process.

She did the whole thing by herself, muddled through, and she went to file the final account to close the estate to say,

“Hey, judge. I’m done. Here’s what I did. Could you put your stamp of approval on it and we can all move on with our lives?” And the clerk said, “No. The probate judge said no. Said you did this all wrong. There’s no way I can approve this. You have a litany of deficiencies, and you are going to have to get this corrected before we can close this estate.”

Well, this person happened to have legal insurance through her employer, and so she called her legal insurance provider and she was referred to our office, and over the course of about a month, month and a half, we carefully went through what she did, what she did wrong, and we helped her clean up the estate.

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We fixed every single issue that the judge said she had. We submitted another final account to the clerk, and within six weeks we had the case completely resolved, and she was out of trouble, and she was compliant, and she was able to move on with her life, and she paid next to nothing in order to get that service.

In this case, the legal insurance provider gave her 10 hours of time at no cost to her, and the insurance company paid that directly to our office.

That was about the estimated amount of time that went into the case, and so it worked out that her having legal insurance saved her from an enormous amount of fees, and she was able to get the help that she needed at the time she needed it, though she probably never anticipated ahead of time that this was a service that she was going to need, but it was there for her when she needed it.

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