The importance of having a Will

Many North Carolina people do not realize the importance of good estate planning. Many people assume everything would go to their next of kin if something happens to them. This is partially true, however it is not always the people you necessarily want and in the right proportions. Proper estate planning will save a lot of money and time in the long run. Depending on the situation, administering an intestate estate could take substantially longer than a person who died with a will and the same goes for the cost.

A last will and testament is your voice when you aren’t around anymore to make decisions about your personal and real property. A great wills and trusts attorney will make sure your wishes are made clear and that the documents you sign cover a multitude of situations. If you aren’t around to enjoy what you’ve worked for your whole life, wouldn’t you rather make sure it goes to someone you know would honor your gift?

If you already have a will, good for you! You’re already a step ahead. Just make sure to keep it updated every so often if your wishes or circumstances change. Remember to talk to an attorney about how to make legal changes to your will. This is usually this is done by adding a codicil since making changes to the document can cause unintended consequences.

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