Why Hire a Guardianship Lawyer?

If your parent, spouse, or other loved one cannot care for himself or herself anymore, he or she may need a guardian appointed.  There are different types of guardians, such as a Guardian of the Person, a Guardian of the Estate, a Limited Guardian, or a General Guardian. They can be structured to allow as much freedom as the loved-one needs.  They can also be structured to make sure the guardian has the power they need to help with the affairs of the loved-one.

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst with the experienced guardianship attorneys at Hopler, Wilms, & Hanna PLLC.

We Can Help You Become a Guardian

Our firm represents individuals seeking to obtain guardianship over individuals no longer able to manage their own affairs.  Sometimes with age, illness, or intellectual disabilities comes the need to file such a proceeding to efficiently manage the care and assets of a family member.  Our office also represents individuals listed as interested parties who wish to participate in the guardianship proceeding. If you hire Hopler, Wilms, and Hanna to handle your guardianship proceeding, your attorney will guide you through the process and ensure that you are zealously represented during the hearing.

Contest Guardianship Filed Against You

Our firm also works with the Clerks offices in multiple counties to provide representation to Respondents (the folks against whom a proceeding has been filed), and we can be privately retained to represent individuals wishing to contest a guardianship proceeding filed against them. We also represent family members who wish to contest the appointment of a certain person to act as a guardian or contest the guardianship entirely.  We can effectively represent clients from the initial discussions through litigation, if necessary.


Ongoing Guardianship Representation

There are ongoing obligations to the court following a guardianship proceeding, including maintaining bond, annual filings with the court, and maintaining proper records to substantiate disbursements from the ward’s estate.  Our guardianship lawyers provide representation in the form of consultation as-needed with guardians or can take over the management of the estate filings for guardians.

North Carolina Guardianship Proceedings

Hopler, Wilms, & Hanna is a full-service law firm practicing in the Triangle in the field of Guardianship / Incompetency.  Our objective as guardianship attorneys is to assist family members in transitioning the decision-making of financial and health care needs from those who are no longer able to care for themselves. Our lawyers can handle cases in the counties of Durham, Wake, Franklin, Lee, Harnett, Granville, Johnston, Chatham, Orange, Nash, and elsewhere.

You can learn more about the guardianship process by checking out www.nc-guardian.org, a non-profit that promotes a statewide standard of excellence in guardianship.