Estate Litigation Attorneys

Do you have unresolved matters with the settlement of your family estate? These issues can be emotionally draining and it is a good idea to consult with an Estate Litigation Attorney to consider how to resolve and settle the complaints.

Experienced Estate Litigation Attorneys

Over the years we have seen countless estate and trust disputes while witnessing the toll it can have on a family. We have represented heirs, executors, trustees, and other beneficiaries in cases contesting Wills and Trusts. A lot is at stake. The attorneys at Hopler, Wilms, and Hanna, PLLC understand that there are more options than the courtroom to handle estate and trust disputes.

Below are examples of estate litigation disputes we have experience with:


  • Actions to recover property on behalf of Executors and Administrators and defense of the same
  • Litigation on behalf of Executors to recover money owed to the Estate and defend against the same
  • Litigation on behalf of Executors dealing with creditors
  • Actions to interpret Wills and Trusts
  • Representation of Beneficiaries in estates
  • Prosecuting and defending the Removal of Executors, Administrators, Guardians, and other Fiduciaries
  • Litigation involving Powers of Attorney and Trusts (Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims)
  • Common Law Inheritance Claims (such as Intentional Interference with Expected Inheritance)
  • Partition Actions and other petitions to sell real estate
  • Surplus Funds cases
  • Name Change Petitions
  • Appeals of Clerk Decisions to Superior Court and higher level appellate courts
  • Motions to modify Guardianship
  • Motions requiring action or accounting on the part of a fiduciary (like an executor, agent under a power of attorney, etc.)
  • Representing interested parties in contested Guardianship
  • Representation of parties in competing applications to become executor
  • Prosecution of cases involving the misuse of funds belonging to minors or incompetent adults
  • Proceedings to discover assets of an estate
  • Petitioning to sell real estate to pay debts of an estate
  • Clerk level and Superior Court level spousal allowance (year’s allowance) claims on behalf of spouses and defense of the same
  • Trust modifications
  • Trust litigation
  • Petitions involving illegitimate children claiming a right to an estate
  • Declaratory judgment actions to invalidate a deed, determine the rights of parties, etc.
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