Unpaid Wages for North Carolina Clients

Hopler & Wilms, LLP has experienced North Carolina Employment Law Attorneys that can assist clients with unpaid wage disputes.

Wage Laws and Unpaid Wages

There are both State and Federal Laws which govern the pay of employees.  The typical types of cases we help people with in this area include:

  • Non-payment of Overtime

  • Non-payment of Wages that were promised

  • Non-payment of Minimum Wage

The Wage and Hour Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act each have rules dictating how employees are to be paid and when they are exempt from certain rules.  Often, employers will incorrectly characterize the status of an employee so that they may be exempt from certain wage requirements.  The term “wages” is a very broad term and includes lots of types of pay.

Wage Laws seek to ensure that a maximum number of jobs are paid a minimum wage.  By requiring overtime compensation for hours worked in excess of forty (40) in a given workweek, the law creates a monetary penalty for employers that do not spread work among a greater number of employees.  In other words, the law provides an incentive to hire more individuals rather than to increase the number of hours worked by existing employees.

If you have unpaid wages, whether in the form of promised but unpaid wages, minimum wage, overtime, commissions, bonuses, last paycheck, or vacation pay, you can contact us to learn about the various options available to you and which option might lead to the best results.  While every case is different, in many situations there are statutory damages available in addition to the owed wages designed to punish employers for not paying what they are supposed to pay.

If you would like to contact one of our North Carolina Employment Law Attorneys about your Unpaid Wages, you can reach us here.

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