Hopler Wilms is a Local Progressive Durham Law Firm Providing Exceptional Legal Representation in the Areas of Unemployment Appeals, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Guardianship, Employment Law, and Many Other Practice Areas

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Our estate attorneys practice all over North Carolina in the area of Estate Planning and Estate Administration Law.  Our attorneys provide representation to clients in Wake, Durham, and surrounding counties in the areas of Estate Planning and Estate Administration.  We handle a variety of probate issues, estate litigation, and other estate-related matters.  We also draft, Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Health Care Powers of Attorney, and other important estate planning documents.

Our Unemployment Lawyers represent Claimants and Employers all over North Carolina in the area of Unemployment Appeals LawThe attorneys at Hopler Wilms are experienced at handling all levels of appeal before the Division of Employment Security in North Carolina.  We have affordable and competitive financial arrangements to make legal services accessible for our recently-unemployed clients, while still providing exceptional representation during the hearings and higher authority appeals.

The Attorneys at Hopler Wilms represent people in Durham, Wake, and other counties in Guardianship HearingsThe attorneys at Hopler Wilms are experienced at handling Guardianship Proceedings before the Clerk of Court in the several counties surrounding our local Durham office.  We provide consultation to those considering guardianship for a loved one as well as provide advocacy during hearings for those wishing to pursue guardianship or contest guardianship.

Our North Carolina Employment Lawyers represent Employees and Employers all over North Carolina in the field of Employment Law.  Unpaid wages, Department of Labor Audits, EEOC Charges, Wrongful Discharge, OAH Hearings, and Family Medical Leave are just a few of the areas where our attorneys can be of value.  Our lawyers practice in both State and Federal Court, as well as before several federal and state administrative agencies.

Hopler Wilms provides exceptional legal representation in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, guardianship, unemployment appeals, employment law, and other practice areas.  Click here to view more of our law firm’s practice areas.


  • My attorney represented me in a very long, contentious hearing, and his actions helped me provide for my family during a difficult time. I truly appreciate the time, effort, and compassion this firm provided me.–Jeff R., Raleigh

  • Mr. Wilms worked very hard defending my rights for unemployment and won my case! He advocated restlessly for me and my family.–Cynthia G., Greenvillee

  • Mr. Hopler was a very professional, honest, and caring person with integrity.  Without him I do not think I would have won my case.  He went above and beyond what I expected of him.–Elaine P., Wake Forest

It is our policy to treat people with respect and to be generous with our time.  You are not a number or a billable hour to us.  You are a person first and foremost with real legal issues that affect your life, and we treat you like that from the outset of any legal representation to the very end.  Our attorneys pride themselves on developing relationships with their clients and doing more than what is expected of us by providing exceptional legal services for our North Carolina clients.

Whether you need help with the drafting of a Will, need help with the probating your loved one’s estate, need help recovering unpaid wages, or need help fighting your recent termination, our attorneys walk you through the steps required to handle your case and work with you as a partner until the completion of our representation.

Our attorneys provide exceptional legal representation statewide in the areas of administrative law, employment law, and unemployment compensation. We also provide exceptional legal representation in the areas of Estate Planning and Estate Administration in Wake, Durham, and surrounding counties.

At Hopler Wilms, it is our goal to give you as much information as you need to help you in your decision about whether you need an attorney and whether our North Carolina licensed attorneys are the right choice for you.  Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your legal needs.

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